Nicholas Stoller shares his ideas for a third Muppets movie

While MUPPETS MOST WANTED didn't quite light up the box office the way THE MUPPETS did a couple of years ago, Disney is likely going to move forward with a third film. The question is whether Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin will return to script and helm the further adventures of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the gang. Stoller is enjoying the recent box office success of the Seth Rogen and Zac Efron comedy NEIGHBORS and will likely have a lot of projects on his slate, including a buddy cop comedy with Rogen and Kevin Hart, but he still does have some insight on a potential third adventure with The Muppets.

Stoller was asked about returning for a third film during an interview with IndieWire and said that while he would love to work on another film, he doesn't know if he will be involved or not. But, he did share some ideas they had that could be used for another movie.

"One of the ideas, which might be too sophisticated, was to do a hardcore wedding movie. Really make it about the wedding," Stoller said. "And the other version would to be to pick up after they have a new show, like 'The Muppet Show,' and one of the Muppets becomes way more famous than the other ones and how that ricochets throughout the group." Stoller paused, quickly flush with happiness after talking about the Muppets for just a few minutes. Finally, he said: "I could think of Muppet movies all day."

MUPPETS MOST WANTED seemed to lack a bit of the focus THE MUPPETS had and was also sorely missing the inclusion of Amy Adams and Jason Segel. Hopefully if they can retain Bobin and Stoller for a third round they will get the gang back together from the first film.

Source: IndieWire



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