Nichols in Deep

Fox has tapped Mike Nichols to direct and Joe Penhall to write their film adaptation of the 1950's Patricia Highsmith novel, DEEP WATER. Highsmith also wrote STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, so you know the project will have a delicious amount of deceit and seduction.

This is especially true when you read the synopsis: “In "Deep Water," a couple in a loveless marriage hang on through an arrangement whereby the husband permits the wife to take lovers. Suspense builds as those lovers begin dying.” Yeah, I can just imagine how this will go.

Wife: “Honey, why do my lovers keep dying?”

Husband: “Uh, I have no idea…”

Wife: “Don’t play games, you said I could have them!”

Husband: (muttering) “But I didn’t say what would happen afterwards…”

Wife: “What was that?”

Husband: “Nothing!”

In any case, the project sounds interesting, and Mike Nichols (who directed CLOSER) should be pretty familiar with this sort of material. Joe Penhall’s claim to fame is writing THE ROAD screenplay, so we’ll see how adept he is at genre-jumping.

Extra Tidbit: And then the husband takes off his glasses to reveal he was Matt Damon THE WHOLE TIME!
Source: Variety



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