Nicolas Cage and Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff teaming up for Lost Melody


The Wrap is reporting that director Terry Zwigoff (GHOST WORLD, BAD SANTA) wants Nicolas Cage for the lead in his new film LOST MELODY. Zwigoff co-wrote the script with Melissa Axelrod and is about a man stuck in a bad marriage with a nagging wife who ends up falling in love with a prostitute. How precious, right? Not exactly: it's described as a "wonderful darkly-funny drama in the tradition of such classics as 'The Blue Angel' and 'Sunset Boulevard." Well I'm certainly interested.

Terry Zwigoff has made some fantastic films and he definitely knows how to get the most out of the great actors he's cast in his movies such as Steve Buscemi in GHOST WORLD, Billy Bob Thornton in BAD SANTA and John Malkovich in ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL. I don't think LOST MELODY will require Cage's "extreme" acting talents but the dude can still pull of low key and quirky and Zwigoff's film sounds like a film the actor would have made in the late 80s to mid 90s.

I'll be the first to make a Nicolas Cage joke or scream, "How'd it get burned?!" whenever my food comes back a little overcooked at a restaurant but when given the right material and direction Cage is still one of the best in my opinion. I've missed seeing Nicolas Cage in more character driven films like LOST MELODY sounds and I really hope this comes to fruition.

Extra Tidbit: THE WEATHER MAN is criminally underrated in my opinion. "I mean, I'll bet no one ever threw a pie at, like Harriet Tubman, the founder of the Underground railroad. I'll bet you a million f*cking dollars."
Source: The Wrap



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