Nicolas Cage says that his next film might be the wildest he's ever made

If you're at all familiar with Nicolas Cage, you're likely aware that he occasionally makes movies which are a little out there. This isn't exactly a recent trend, but the past few years have seen Cage take on what seems to be every movie thrown his way, which has led to some rather unique and bizarre films, such as MANDY, but the actor said that his next film might just be the wildest he's ever made.

Nicolas Cage was recently in Macao at the 3rd International Film Festival and Awards Macao and spoke about PRISONERS OF GHOSTLAND, an upcoming film directed by Sion Sono (SUICIDE CLUB) which will star Cage.

I’m thrilled about it! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It might be the wildest movie I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. It’s out there. I wear a skintight black leather jumpsuit with grenades attached to different body parts, and if I don’t rescue the governor’s daughter from this state line where they’re all ghosts and bring her back they’re gonna blow me up. It’s just crazy. It’s way out there.

A grenade jumpsuit? Ghosts kidnapping a Governor's daughter? What in the hell is going on and where do I sign up? Throwing Nicolas Cage into something bizarre and letting him do his thing may not always produce quality cinema, but it's certainly worth the entertainment factor. PRISONERS OF GHOSTLAND is expected to kick off production next spring. While we're talking Nicolas Cage craziness, you might want to check out Steve Seigh's installment of our Best Movies of 2018 feature which takes a look at MANDY, a "truly psychotic action horror thriller that reaches up into the asses of its audience, throttles their spine, and doesn't let go until the last deadly deed is done." If you're hungry for some Nicolas Cage on the big-screen, well, you can head on out to see SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE right now as Cage voices Spider-Noir in the film.

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