Nicolas Winding Refn to finally deliver his sex-film I Walk With The Dead

Nicolas Winding Refn made a big name for himself when DRIVE came out. The film, fancying actions over words, was pretty much a love it or a hate it kinda flick, with most people falling into the former category. I think audiences were expecting some sort of a DRIVE 2 with ONLY GOD FORGIVES (especially with Ryan Gosling as a lead), and were disappointed on that basis. I, myself, was a little underwhelmed by the flick, but I'll be damned if it didn't spark discussion with the people I saw it with, and that we're itching to see it again. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. After the success of DRIVE, Nicolas spoke of a film he wanted to do, with "lots and lots of sex". Carey Mulligan was also linked to the film at the time, which had people everywhere pretty happy. So it's definitely cool to see this most recent tweet from the writer/director:

At the moment, no cast has been announced, but I'm crossing every body part possible in hopes that Carey Mulligan is tapped (so to speak). I'm also curious to see if his work with a different writer will have a big impact on the final product.

With shooting to start in LA, we can probably expect I WALK WITH THE DEAD to hit screens sometime in 2015.

Source: Twitter



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