Nicolas Winding Refn to produce Maniac Cop and Witchfinder General remakes

Nicolas Winding Refn

If you fancy the directorial and producing stylings of Nicolas Winding Refn (THE NEON DEMON, DRIVE), you're about to see much more of his work in the future as he has two up-and-coming remakes that he plans on producing. Refn’s Space Rocket Nation and Vendian Entertainment, as well as Wild Bunch, have partnered up in hopes of bringing some new filmmakers into the spotlight. The first film to be financed by this triumvirate is the start of a horror trilogy based on MANIAC COP. COP will be written by Ed Brubaker (CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER) and directed by Jhon Hyams (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING).

The second Refn project (under a different production deal) revolves around the 1960s film, WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Known in the U.S. as THE CONQUEROR WORM at the time, GENERAL starred Vincent Price and was a fictionalized account of a real-life witch hunter during the English Civil War. The $5M-$10M budgeted picture will not be directed by Refn, although he is helping to decide whether or not to contemporize the story.

I'll be curious to see if the substance of his directorial filmography will be carried over into the projects he ends up producing. His films may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying that the man has some really intriguing ideas! Which of these projects are you looking forward to more?

Nicolas Winding Refn's next film, THE NEON DEMON, opens on June 24, 2016.

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