Nightwing director says script is expected "very soon"

Yesterday some big news dropped on the DC side of things with it being announced that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play The Joker in the solo movie and that explosion aficionado Michael Bay was being courted for a Lobo movie. We can’t leave Nightwing out of the fun though, and the director of the upcoming solo movie, Chris McKay, took to Twitter to say things are moving along smoothly and that we should expect big things.

McKay was responding to another tweet from Geek Vibes Nation when he said the script would be done soon, but that they were taking their time with the casting. This could mean they’re still mulling over their options, seeing auditions, or are waiting for someone to pull a George Lazenby and walk in dressed in the costume going, “I hear you’re looking for Nightwing.”

As for the movie itself, McKay said last September we could expect a “f**king badass” action movie. This means it could be filled with sick martial arts scenes that make the warehouse scene in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN look like an episode of DORA THE EXPLORER. Some months later, he said that the search for Nightwing would “far and wide,” hinting at an open casting call.

As for casting, McKay also took to Twitter to post a poll asking people what they want to be the most important quality they look for in casting the leading role. They only had room for four choices, but a fifth and sixth would be "Looks Good in a Rubber Suit" and "His Hair Flows Effortlessly in the Breeze."

With the aim of DC to make some of their films divert away from the more dark and gritty style of BVS and MAN OF STEEL, I can expect NIGHTWING to be lighter, funnier and more stylistic with a charming leading man in the role. At least that's what I imagine given that they hired McKay to direct, a man who worked on THE LEGO MOVIE and directed THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. He seems incredibly enthused about the movie and is driven to find the perfect actor and not just put a "name" in the role. Hopefully, we hear something about casting come summer as they inch closer to production. I mean, my dream casting is always going to be Sam Rockwell, but that's just me.

Source: Chris McKay



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