Nine cuts back

The Weinstein Co. released their high-profile musical NINE two weeks ago in 4 theaters. Last weekend it expanded to just over 1400 theaters but wasn't able to crack the Top 5 and only has grossed $5.4 million. Turns out that's not exactly what the Weinsteins were looking for. Instead of expanding NINE further, TWC will actually be cutting back on the amount of screens.

Reuters is reporting that despite five Golden Globe nominations, The Weinstein Co. is unhappy with how NINE is performing in certain theaters and will be cutting back to about 800 screens this weekend. A TWC exec said that "in some smaller cities, [NINE] was not doing as well," and they'll be cutting those theaters out. TWC had high hopes for NINE's Oscar chances and while it will still likely get some love in technical categories, it's hard to think at this point that it'll capture one of the Best Picture nominees (and that TWC will instead focus entirely on INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS).

Extra Tidbit: Does this hurt Rob Marshall's chances at directing PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4?
Source: Reuters



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