Nine new pictures for Les Miserables take you back to 19th Century France

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With a trailer set to appear online tomorrow, here is a batch of nine new official pictures from Tom Hooper's adaptation of the musical version of LES MISERABLES.

Featuring shots of many of the main actors (including cinematic newcomer Samantha Barks), these should give you some idea of where things are going and what sort of personal stamp Hooper is putting on this story which has already been realized many times over. Hooper certainly possesses a strong visual awareness, and hopefully that will be only one of many things which sets this version apart from those that came before on both stage and screen.

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Notable for the fact that all of the singing has been performed and recorded live on set, LES MISERABLES goes on the run to cinemas nationwide this December 14th.

Extra Tidbit: Jackman turned down the role of Billy Flynn in CHICAGO because he "didn't feel old enough." As much as I do enjoy Jackman, I think it's just as well as Richard Gere was perfect for the part.
Source: USA Today



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