Ninja Assassin details

NINJA ASSASSIN The Wachowski Bros.' are currently supervising James McTiegue's directing of the upcoming martial arts actioner NINJA ASSASSIN and, other than a few casting announcements - Stephen Colbert nemesis and J-pop superstar Rain will star alongside Naomie Harris - we haven't really heard too much about it. We do know that Rain stars as an ultra awesome ninja who goes up against the clan that trained him after he leaves them but the beautiful bastards over the IESB recently unloaded all kinds of juicy details via an inside source. Here's a little snippet below. Of course, SPOILERS!

The film starts off with an old Japanese man, a tattoo artist, drawing on flesh - it's a classic image of Miyamoto Musashi as he thrusts his spear into a dragon.

We are introduced to a foul mouthed Yakuza boss by the name of Hollywood. He's getting his first tattoo on his back. It's actually only a small tattoo in size but he's described as a whiney bitch and complains about the pain.

The tattoo parlor is apparently a regular hangout for hot babes and the Yakuza.

Get the rest of it over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Jet Li was originally offered the lead and when he turned it down, Collin Chou stepped in and when he turned it down, Rain stepped in.
Source: IESB.net



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