Nintendo jumps on the 3D bandwagon by unveiling the 3DS

Where's the place to be right now? The grand event known as E3.

It's the opportunity to see what's to come in technology and gaming before anyone else. E3 is also the place to make huge announcements about upcoming products and possibly one up the competition.

Hours before Sony unveiled that they have 20 titles coming in 3D, Nintendo stole some of their glory. President of U.S. business, Reggie Fils-Aime bitch slaps the competition by revealing that Warner Bros., Walt Disney Co., and DreamWorks will deliver stereoscopic 3D movies to Nintendo's upcoming 3DS hand-held console. They even showed a trailer of Disney's TANGLED on the new 3DS.

Nintendo aimed for something different when working on this project. They've developed the capability to use the 3DS without having to wear those pain in the ass glasses. Instead, similar to lenticular 3D images, the screen projects an illusion of 3 dimensions. "The result is a picture comparable to 3D with glasses. To perceive the effect, however, viewers must be positioned directly in front of the DS screen."

Reggie scoffed at the competition and in mock horror said this during the press conference, "Man! Those glasses! Don't be surprised to pay a hefty amount for those glasses. And for everyone in the room!"

The 3DS is a lot like the current DS, except the top 3.5-inch screen will display 3D images and the bottom display is a touch screen. It will have three cameras (two on the outside casing) which will let the DS players take 3D pictures and share them with other 3DS owners.

Nintendo said it hopes to ship the 3DS sometime during their current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2011. Though Nintendo President Satoru Iwata declined to say if the 3DS will make it in time for the Christmas holidays.

What do you think? Will this die a quick death or does it have some potential in the "3D renaissance"?

Extra Tidbit: I don't own any of these fancy handheld devices. I rock the Sega Genesis.
Source: LA Times



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