No Bale in T4 game

Those of you who pick up the video game based on TERMINATOR SALVATION later this year will recognize the voice and likenesses of stars Common, Moon Bloodgood and oddly Rose McGowan who isn't even in the film. But one person you won't recognize is John Connor. That's because Christian Bale has refused to participate in the game and will not be lending his likeness or voice to the John Connor character. We're not exactly sure why Bale won't be participating (he can't completely hate video games because he lent his voice to the BATMAN BEGINS game) but it's sure to disappoint his many fans. While they weren't keen to get into the Bale situation, one of the game's developers spoke to GamePro about why McGowan has joined the storyline:

"Another character that really becomes a key player in the story, but does not appear in the movie is Angie Salter, an ex-high school teacher (voiced by the bloody fantastic Rose McGowan). Angie is on the verge of completely giving up any hope for humanity's survival and is gratingly cynical throughout the game. Her character arc has a profound effect on Connor.

And don't expect to see any Kyle Reese in the game but that has nothing to do with Anton Yelchin pulling a Bale. They explain that, "as the game is set two years before the movie, it did not make logical sense to have characters such as Kyle Reese appear in the game." You can read more about the TERMINATOR SALVATION game here at GamePro (thanks to Kotaku for the heads up).

Extra Tidbit: I wouldn't mind playing the game as one of the evil Terminator robots.
Source: GamePro



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