No director Pablo Larrain in talks to helm Scarface remake for Universal

Yes, Universal is still developing a SCARFACE remake, and the studio may have found their director for the movie. The Wrap has learned Pablo Larrain is in negotiations to direct the remake. Larrain is a Chilean filmmaker who has directed four movies, and his last film NO was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards.

According to the site's source, "Larrain really connected to the material and, as someone who has never worked within the Hollywood studio system, he brought an outsider perspective that allowed him to relate to the main character and his narrative."

So how will this SCARFACE be different from the 1932 and 1983 versions? The Wrap also has some details on the plans for the film. They say the movie will be a, "more mythic origin story that explores where Tony's physical and emotional wounds come from and how they shaped him as a man." Tony's last name won't be Montana or Camonte like it was in the other two movies, and he'll be Mexican. While the other versions were set in Chicago and Miami, the new film will apparently take place in modern day Los Angeles.

The producers still need to find an actor to play Tony, and they are, "Open to casting a complete unknown in the name of authenticity."

I can understand why many fans will want nothing to do with the remake, but Pablo Larrain is a very interesting choice to direct SCARFACE. If Larrain really connected with the material like the site's source claims, maybe it won't be a complete disaster.

Source: The Wrap



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