No Footloose director?

Once upon a time, Paramount launched a FOOTLOOSE remake that would've reunited the star and director - Zac Efron and Kenny Ortega, respectively - of the highly popular HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies. It seemed a match made in heaven. But then Efron sort of hit it big on his own and decided he didn't want to be stuck singing and dancing for the rest of his career, so he bailed (and was later replaced by "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford). Now the production has lost another member of the original creative team as Ortega has walked.

Now I don't have much interest in a FOOTLOOSE remake but I think this will ultimately wind up being a good thing for the film. Ortega left the film because he was envisioning a big, glamorous musical with big flashy song and dance routines. Paramount was envisioning something slightly less...over the top. The studio is reportedly looking for "an edgier drama with less emphasis on the musical numbers." So like 8 MILE but instead of rapping, dancing (just kidding, I'm sure this will be nothing like 8 MILE).

The studio is now looking for a director who can quickly step in to replace Ortega and keep the film on track for its planned March production start. Have they taken a look at this guy yet?

Extra Tidbit: Ortega directed this Wednesday's Michael Jackson flick THIS IS IT.
Source: Variety



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