No Justice for Biel

EW.com giveth and it taketh away. Just a few short days after giving fanboys worldwide a semi with word that Jessica Biel was in talks to star as Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, they're reporting today that Biel has officially turned down the role. Somewhere Dave Davis is crying. It would have been perfect casting (is there anyone more ideal for the role?) but in the end Biel was reluctant to don the spangled tights for a supporting role. I wonder how seriously Biel was even considering the offer from Warner Bros. Whatever the case, the search for a proper non-Biel Wonder Woman continues with just about every 20-something wanna-be actress already rumored for the part. Lost in all this Biel/Wonder Woman goodness is how WB and director George Miller plan to cast Superman, a role that took almost four years to cast for SUPERMAN RETURNS. It's a sad Friday but to be sure there will be more JUSTICE casting rumors before the month is out.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when our Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman April Fools joke was picked up worldwide?



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