No mask for Myers?

There were two ways Rob Zombie could've gone with his HALLOWEEN remake. He could have either stayed completely faithful to John Carpenter's original or he could have completely reinvented the franchise. Turns out he tried to do both and, as a result, failing to do either. Zombie has wisely decided to throw out traditional HALLOWEEN canon for his upcoming sequel and just make the movie he wants to make. It may not be great but it'll be his vision and you can't argue with that.

It's with that thought process in mind that Zombie has decided to unmask his Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 2. Shock Till You Drop caught up with Zombie on the set of the film and found out that Myers will be maskless for the first 3/4 of the movie. And when he does finally don a mask at the end, don't expect it to look anything like William Shatner. FX supervisor Wayne Toth told STYD, "People are going to be surprised when they see it. It's going to thrown the Myers fans for a loop." Ain't that the sad truth.

Click here to head to STYD to read more from the set including how they describe what Myers looks like without his mask.

Extra Tidbit: Will have this being a 100% Zombie movie make it better? Or just allow you to respect it more?
Source: STYD



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