No more Star Wars?

It was the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the STAR WARS franchise a few days ago, and the rumors were rampant about a possible "2 more movies" being announced. The good folks at Movieweb got to the bottom of it all though, and as it turns out, there will be 2 more additions to the Lucas franchise, but both will be shown on TV, and according to head of Lucas Fan Film Relations: "There are going to be two more Star Wars television series. One of them is well into production. That is "Star Wars: Clone Wars". It's a CG animated show, which we suspect will be on the air sometime next year. And then George and Rick McCullen were just now starting work on a live action series. A drama. That will probably be coming out in 2009 or 2010. He is actively at work on both of those. But the CG animated series is more adult. It has a lot of humor in it. It is very cinematic. We will be talking about that for the first time at the celebration."

Despite my own distain for Lucas' sales practices, I'm like most of you (see our most recent STAR WARS poll HERE) in that I would actually LOVE to see more STAR WARS movies, particularly if we can get more creative and passionate people involved (yeah, let Lucas take a back-seat next time). You can read the rest of their interview HERE.

Extra Tidbit: George Lucas' nickname in high school was Luke. Get it? Luke. As in Luke Skywalker.
Source: Movieweb.com



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