No Mummy for Weisz

The original MUMMY stars have made a decision about returning for the third installment - Brendan Fraser will be back while Rachel Weisz will not. Fraser was lured by his "rich deal," details of which weren't released. Weisz wasn't swayed so much by the money and recently told producers she had made up her mind. No amount of money could convince her to do THE MUMMY 3. Congratulations Aronofsky, you've got one smart woman on your hands. Writers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough will head back to the drawing board to rework the script without Weisz's character. Weisz's loss turned out to be Fraser's gain as he likely reaped the benefits of her turning down a lucrative contract. The deal he received was described as being "top-of-the-food-chain money," which I can only imagine as being $20 million or higher and that realization, friends, makes me want to puke. Rob Cohen, the storytelling master behind STEALTH, will step in to replace Stephen Sommers who directed the previous two films. Fraser will star alongside Jet Li who was recently confirmed as starring as the film's villain. Filming on THE MUMMY 3 is expected to begin later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Weisz will begin shooting THE BROTHERS BLOOM for director Rian Johnson this August.
Source: Variety



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