Nolan does Superman... and Justice League?

There's been a flurry of (rumored) activity with Warner Bros. trying to stuff their stable of famous DC Comics characters into the development pipe.

There was a report of David Goyer overseeing the new scripts for SUPERMAN and BATMAN along with Jonah Nolan, while his bro Christopher Nolan "godfathers" the project(s). IESB claims Chris is maneuvering to get Jonah into the director chair for the MAN OF STEEL, making his feature debut on a big-budget movie starring perhaps the most recognizable superhero in the world.

Wait -- why would the studio be willing to do such a thing? Well... the story is that not only is Chris Nolan preparing the (potential) third BATMAN, but he's also reportedly getting things lined up to gather the costumed icons for a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

While seemingly far-fetched on the surface, keep in mind that Nolan was behind one of history's biggest moneymakers. But does he really have that much clout? And is that necessarily a good thing, turning the DC Universe into a Nolanverse of brooding superheroes? Or will it simply sputter like past attempts to collect DC's brave and bold on the big screen?

Stay tuned, true believers! Or whatever DC's catchphrase is!

Extra Tidbit: I think I'll stick with the JL animated adventures for now.
Source: IESB



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