Nominate all of your favorite films & performances from 2012 in the 12th edition of the Golden Schmoes!

That's right, boys and chicks, it's that time of year again: time for you to vote for your favorites from 2012 in the 12th Annual JoBlo.com Movie Awards aka THE GOLDEN SCHMOES!! (Psst, we updated the site so surf around if you care about previous years' winners and shit) For anyone who doesn't know how the Golden Schmoes work, CLICK HERE for instructions or HERE to know what it's all about. First things last though, you have to be a registered member of MOVIE FAN CENTRAL in order to take part in the nominations process, which takes place from January 25 - February 4. Once signed up, you'll be able to vote for your favorites in each of our 29 categories:

Favorite Movie Worst Movie
Best Director Best Screenplay
Most Overrated Movie Most Underrated Movie
Trippiest Movie Best Comedy
Best Horror Best Animated
Best Sci-Fi Flick Best Special Effects
Biggest Disappointment Biggest Surprise
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Breakthrough Performance Favorite Celebrity
Coolest Character Best Music
Favorite Poster Best Trailer
Best DVD/Blu-Ray Best Action Sequence
Most Memorable Scene Best T&A
Best Line of the Year

We've made the process a lot easier this year, as you only need to LOG-IN once, after which you can enter/edit all of your picks in one easy session, as opposed to previous years. You can also edit your nominees until midnight on the 4th of February.


If you can't remember what movie you even saw last weekend, never mind all of 2012, you can remind yourself of all 2012 movies HERE, or check out your fellow schmoes' FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION thread, which reminds readers about some performances/movies you might've forgotten. Once the nominees have been counted up, the final voting for the awards will take place in February on the official Golden Schmoes section of our site, for which even non-members will be able to vote (being a member of our site gives you the "privilege" of choosing the nominees though). Until then, peruse through some of our past winners/nominees below, then start nominating like...now!!

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