Non-remake Monsters Squad

Monsters Squad '87 poster

Thought I'd make it clear in the title that Warner's new project simply borrowed it's title from the '87 cult classic, although some of the basics are probably the same - a family comedy about vintage monsters. Alright they'll probably steal shitloads from the movie and will say it's completely original, otherwise it just wouldn't be Hollywood.

The studio is dusting off a long-dormant comedy/fantasy pitch originally called NIGHTCRAWLERS about a neurotic family man confronted with the creatures that freaked him out in his childhood. Like Senior Lawnmower and the Atomic Toilet Seat. The film  went through an army of screenwriters over the last 10 years with McG at one point attached to direct.

The latest version of the story hasn't been detailed nor probably scripted yet, but the studio got director Mike Mitchell on board. As in the guy who directed DEUCE BIGALOW and SKY HIGH. I can hear the Razzie Awards guys taking notes already. They'll break out the red pen if Rob Schneider headlines.

Extra Tidbit: "The Wolfman's got nards!" I never get tired of that line. They should do a sequel to that movie, with the kids now grown and helping their own kids fights monsters. Yeah, I know, that's story rumored for GOONIES 2, but that one ain't happening so...



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