Noomi Rapace talks comparisons to her character in Prometheus versus Ellen Ripley

It's inevitable that Noomi Rapace's character in PROMETHEUS will get compared to ALIEN heroine Ellen Ripley.

How does the character, Elizabeth Shaw, measure up to one of the most memorable female characters in film? Rapace gave some detail on PROMETHEUS and the character comparisons during an interview with MTV Movies Blog:

"I'm jumping into that straight off of ['Sherlock Holmes 2']. My character's name is Elizabeth Shaw, and I'll step into her shoes in March and be her for six months or something. It's quite a long shoot. It's unbelievable. She's definitely her own [character]. She's a scientist and is very bright. She's a believer. I think there are some similarities, but she's very much her own. I don't think people will compare her so much to Ripley once they see the movie." The actress added that the film does have connections to the ALIEN series.

Rapace had only great things to say about director Ridley Scott who chose her first when it came to finding his female lead, "It's a great honor and I'm really excited. I've met him maybe seven or eight times and he's so passionate. He really loves movies. He watches movies every night. He's seen everything. We had a long chat on the phone — he's in LA now — about my character. I have many ideas and he has many ideas, and now we're starting to search and try to find her."

Also, Rafe Spall (HOT FUZZ, SHAUN OF THE DEAD) is the newest member of the cast that so far includes: Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba.

Extra Tidbit: My top two favorite female badasses are Ripley and Sarah Connor. If they get in a fight, who wins?



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