Not quite Expendable

Not all movies based on comics come from the traditional superhero genre -- there's still plenty of worthwhile material out there that might be off the beaten path. Intrepid Pictures managed to find one: THE EXPENDABLE ONE.

The production company scooped up the rights to the loopy Viper Comics graphic novel, and they were wise to do so -- it's a terrifically horrific little gem. The gleefully gory book revolves around an average chump named Twigs, whose science-geek friend creates a flesh-regenerating substance. With his newfound gruesome ability, Twigs finds himself enlisted by a sexy female Fed in pink lingerie to track down a savage serial killer who may in fact be a werewolf.

Intrepid (who also has BALLS OF FURY and THE STRANGERS coming up) has assigned writers Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles with bringing Twigs and his ghastly heroics to the screen.
Extra Tidbit: EXPENDABLE ONE artist Bryan Baugh has worked on storyboards for animated series such as THE BATMAN, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
Source: Variety



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