Nothing says Fantastic Four like...Denny's The Thing burger?

When it comes to the big-budget affairs, I think we're all pretty used to the product placement that goes on within the actual films. This, on the other hand, is absolutely ridiculous. Not to be outdone by Red Robin's TERMINATOR: GENISYS burger, Denny's is having a slew of food items based on Josh Trank's upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR film. And there's people out there claiming Fox doesn't care about this license?!? My word!

For those of you worried that your favorite Fantastic didn't get represented, never fear, as each member will have their own themed dish. While The Thing gets his burger, there will also be a Human Torch Skillet, Invisable Woman Slam, a Fantastic Four-Cheese Omelette (see what they did there?) and fruit-smoothie, and a Doom Lava Cake! Whaaaaa?!?

There's more negativity surrounding FANTASTIC FOUR than you can shake a naked Thing at (you know you watched that gif about 10 times), so at this point, I think I'll be surprised if an actual movie is delivered on August 7th. I can't claim to have any great love for these characters, so I'm actually intrigued to see how this flick will turn out. Moreso than stuffing a Thing burger in my face, anyway.

FANTASTIC FOUR will hit theaters on August 7, 2015.

fantastic-four-the-thing-poster"It's lunch time!" That's what he always says, right?

Source: Denny's



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