NYCC 2015: Best of Cosplay Gallery

It's that time again, folks! Creative and enthusiastic individuals from all over the globe have traveled to Daredevil's home turf of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, to invade the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to celebrate their geekdom! Here, at this gathering of comic book heroes, beloved television series, anticipated film projects, and enough squees to put a Babymetal live performance to shame - the enthusiastic Cosplay community is here to dazzle you with their talent, dedication, and creativity!

Joblo is proud to present to you a glimpse at some of this year's best Cosplay offerings from the men, women, and children who've all worked so passionately to share their devotion to characters and franchises from all corners of the entertainment community. So sit back, relax, and let us bring some of the NYCC madness to you!

Additionally, we'd like to thank each and every cosplayer who posed for our photos this year! We hope you had an amazing time at this year's celebration!

Extra Tidbit: So many people really went out of their way to represent their favorite corners of pop culture at this year's event. Their craftsmanship and dedication to this creative phenomenon is incredible!
Source: joblo.com



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