NYCC: Hellboy meets Family Guy?

During the NEW YORK COMIC CON this weekend, Guillermo Del Toro made an announcement that I wasn't at first sure WAS an announcement... We've all seen one of HELLBOY II's more intriguing looking characters, Johann Krauss - described as a "protoplasmic mystic" - in pics and on his very own poster, but we never knew - I guess - what this guy would sound like. Just as Abe Sapien was performed by one actor and voiced by another in the first film, Johann will have two different actors contributing to his realization.

The physical embodiment of Johann will be played by John Alexander, and now I've learned who is providing the voice: Brian the Dog... Yes, Seth McFarlane of "Family Guy" fame will be providing his trademark pipes to the ghostly character, according to Del Toro.

Here's a more detailed description of Johann, from Wikipedia: He is a disembodied ectoplasmic spirit with psychic abilities who maintains a tangible form via a containment suit. Without the suit, his body would eventually dissipate and he would be lost forever.

And keep it here for more NY Comic Con news, as I'll be getting in depth on all the awesomeness that transpired this weekend at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan!



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