Obsession takes a twisted turn in latest trailer for season 2 of Killing Eve

My fiancée and I stumbled into Killing Eve without knowing much about it and it quickly became one of our favourite shows of the past year, so we're quite pumped for the upcoming second season of the BBC America series. Killing Eve follows Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), a desk-bound MI5 officer who begins tracking down an extremely talented yet psychopathic assassin by the name of Villanelle (Jodie Comer), but even as Polastri's pursuit begins costing lives, the two women find themselves becoming obsessed with one another. The release of the much-anticipated second season is a month away and BBC America have released a new trailer to tease what's to come in the suspenseful and at times hilarious series. Check it out!

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Killing Eve producer Elinor Day teased that while the first season was very much a "cat-and-mouse chase," the second season will explore the "different facets of the relationship between Eve and Villanelle." Day added that there's quite a different dynamic between the two this time around after the events of the season one finale.

It’s really interesting…one of the things we learned in our research is that with psychopaths and narcissists, anything that happens to them, they tend to see it as evidence that the person who did it to them is obsessed with them. So in some ways, Villanelle sees the stabbing as a really good thing — an affirmation of Eve’s obsession or indeed love for her. And because these two women are very much circling each other for the first half of the series, you have a kind of push-me, pull-you of how they’re coming back toward each other — what signals they are giving each other and how the other one is playing with those signals, that they’re not immediately answering them, and that it kind of drives them both mad.

Killing Eve will return to BBC America and AMC on April 7, 2019.



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