Official film stills of The Lizard finally creep their way online

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I spoke yesterday of agreeing with those of you who wanted to see a more beastly version of one of Spider-Man's oldest foes, and now my wish has come true. At least to a degree, anyway. Having up until now only seen polished, standalones version of The Lizard from this summer's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, it's refreshing to finally get a glimpse of his scale against the world he inhabits. Even if the picture is blurry and I still think the head looks funky, at least we have ourselves something a bit more concrete to work with.

The Lizard official pic 1

Strangely, while normally I'm all for the "Nolan Method" of preserving a character's true self and leaving their methods and madness only hinted at until opening night, with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN I keep wanting to see more. It's an awfully tricky line to walk between saving the right sort of information that makes me salivate for the final product and simply frustrating me because I'm so damn curious. And I don't know why THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has fallen squarely into the latter category, but it has. Anyone else feeling that way?

And what do you all think of this new, better look at The Lizard?

Updated: These two pictures are stills from the new trailer that drops today at 7pm ET/4pm PT (you can also check out in front of THE AVENGERS).

The Lizard official pi 2

Extra Tidbit: Seems like someone is definitely a student of SE7EN and Fincher, based on that glimpse of a scene so bathed in green... but then again, what smart filmmaker isn't?



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