Official synopsis for The Wolverine slashes its way online

Well, it may not be Earth-shattering or too revealing, but at least the official synopsis for THE WOLVERINE lets us know "officially" what direction the film is headed in.  And it makes me quite happy.

Here it is:

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, THE WOLVERINE finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan. There, samurai steel will clash with adamantium claw as Logan confronts a mysterious figure from his past in an epic battle that will leave him forever changed.

What "celebrated comic book arc" are we talking about here?  Well, it's been no secret that the filmmakers have been associating the project with the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller limited series from 1982, which puts Logan deep into samurai culture in a story about violence, love, and honor.  It's one of the finest renditions of Wolverine in comic form, so they've chosen some great material to work from.

Director James Mangold joined the Twittersphere yesterday and hit us with a few tweets that expand on the use of the famed limited series, with some specific names from the comic mentioned in key scenes as well as a very specific location, which should get fanboys pumped.

Have a look:

The buzz for THE WOLVERINE is quickly clawing it's way to the top.  I'm still a little nervous after the last outing, but with such a talented crew behind the film it seems to be shaping up in a magnificent way.  Fingers crossed.

Starring Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rila Fukushima, and Svelta Khodchenkova, THE WOLVERINE cuts into theaters on July 26, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else completely stoked to possibly see Wolverine slash up a bunch of ninjas? It's #43 on my bucket list.
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