Official X-Files pics!

Just a few minutes ago I got an early morning treat from Fox. No it wasn't a plate of french toast with hash browns and bacon on the side (though that would be nice), it was the first official pictures from X-FILES: DONE ONE! Isn't it good to have Mulder and Scully back in your life again? I know for me it doesn't look like either one of them has missed a beat (especially Scully still looking hot after all these years!). USA Today also runs a feature today that confirms that this movie is standalone and won't contain any of the mythology that the series was steeped in. Maybe this just appeals to my fanboy nostalgia but I can't wait to see this one, even if the last seasons of the show left an awful taste in my mouth. Check out the pics below and get ready for the next X-FILES film in July!

Extra Tidbit: Mulder uses a Dell huh? I always had him pegged as a Mac guy...
Source: Fox



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