Oh hell no! Sharknado 3 gets a subtitle and release date


SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE was the most watched SyFy original movie ever. If you thought sharks and tornadoes were going anywhere anytime soon, then you thought wrong. Filming has been going on for the third installment most recently in Orlando, FL, as SHARKNADO 3 finds these sharks all along the eastern seaboard. Now SyFy has announced a release date and a complete title for the newest installment. SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! will hit SyFy on July 22nd.

There was a time when I watched the Sci-Fi channel, back when it was spelled correctly and wasn't overrun with sloppily made-for-TV movies, but that time has long gone. Yeah, you can throw me in the (I suppose) minority of people who haven't jumped on the SHARKNADO bandwagon. I love a "bad film" has much as the next person, but generally only when the filmmakers weren't trying to make a bad film in the first place (THE ROOM, anyone?). Otherwise it just feels forced and . . . Sharknado-y. There is an audience for this, however, and now that you have a date, plan accordingly!

SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! will air on SyFy on July 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: The Wrap



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