Old Gods and new return in first teaser for American Gods' second season

The second season of American Gods hasn't exactly had the easiest time behind-the-scenes. After first season show-runners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were shown the door after repeatedly butting heads with the studio over story and budget, the second season ran into similar issues, with production delays forcing new show-runner Jesse Alexander onto the sidelines. It remains to be seen if the second season of American Gods will be able to live up to the first, but a new teaser trailer fresh out of New York Comic-Con certainly gives a positive impression, as old Gods and new set the stage for an all-out war.

Executive producer and American Gods author Neil Gaiman said that the second season will pick up just hours after the conclusion of the first, where Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) came to discover the true nature of his employer. "Shadow has discovered exactly who he is working for and now season 2 is gonna begin just a few short hours later and everything is going to get both better and worse," Gaiman said. “The first place we are all headed is The House On the Rock, and they closed down the real House On the Rock for us for several days and let us film there." Gaiman also teased that, "We do not get to Lakeside in this season. However, we do get to Cairo [Illinois], we do get to a funeral home, Laura and Mad Sweeney get to go on their own journey, which takes them to some hot and exotic places, and other than that I think it’s fair to say things get worse for everybody in dramatically interesting ways." As I haven't read the novel on which the series is based, that will likely mean more to you than to me.

The second season of American Gods will return to Starz in 2019 and will also be available for Canadians to watch on Amazon Prime Video as well.



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