Oli Stone and Chavez

It is being reported today that Oliver Stone's next film will be a documentary about controversial Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Stone has been working on the untitled project for six months and is hoping to have it ready for next year. He told Variety that it will focus on Chavez and the South American revolution.

Stone was with Chavez in February during the dramatic rescue of hostages that Chavez helped to broker from the militant Columbian FARC group. However because Stone is like a dog with a Frisbee, the documentary will not focus on the rescue but rather the opposition Chavez has faced at home and abroad, especially from the Bush administration.

Bad news for me is that my girlfriend is from Venezuela. I admire Stone's ability as a film-maker but I personally have not enjoyed one of his films since ANY GIVEN SUNDAY and that was ten years ago. I would usually avoid his movies like I avoid toothless hookers. Now I've gotta sit through one and then act like it was great no matter what? The problem is that I know that's protocol but more likely with me being a childish idiot I'll turn to my girlfriend at the end and be like " I ama sorree, bat eess a piece of sheet". It's strange that people don't believe she's with me for my sensitivity.
Extra Tidbit: W was filmed sequentially.
Source: Variety



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