Olivia Wilde cast as Chris Pine's girlfriend in Welcome to the People

What was my favorite part of TRON: LEGACY? Probably Olivia Wilde. Aside from Jeff Bridges blending Kevin Flynn and The Dude together. From what I've seen, a lot of people really enjoyed Olivia in TRON.

Fans of the lovely actress will be happy to know that she has landed a role alongside fellow hottie Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine in WELCOME TO THE PEOPLE.

The script is from Alex Kurtzman (COWBOYS & ALIENS, STAR TREK), Roberto Orci, and Jody Lambert. This will also be the directoral debut of Kurtzman. PEOPLE centers on, "a businessman (Pine) who returns home after his estranged father’s death and discovers that he has an alcoholic sister (Banks) with a 12-year-old son. Wilde will play Hannah, the Pine character's girlfriend."

Kurtzman and Orci are producing through their DreamWorks-based Paper Products banner with Bobby Cohen. Production is scheduled to start in L.A. this month. Wilde recently wrapped on THE CHANGE UP. That's the movie that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switch bodies in. Wilde is the temptress. This was her last update from the set, "Second to last day on The Change Up. Is it healthy to laugh this hard? Each scene is crazier than the last. This movie is hiiiiiiiilarious."

Extra Tidbit: If you use the Twitters, I highly suggest you follow Olivia. Some of the shit she says really cracks me up.
Source: Risky Business



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