Olyphant gets High

Timothy Olyphant, soon to be seen shooting up people with his barcoded bald head in HITMAN, has signed on to star in the upcoming indie comedy HIGH LIFE. The film, based on the play by Lee MacDougall, follows a group of drug addicts who plan a bank heist that goes wrong. Olyphant will play the leader of the pack with Joe Anderson (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), Stephen Eric McIntyre (THE LOOKOUT) and Rossif Sutherland (POOR BOY'S GAME) making up the rest of his hapless posse. Canadian director Gary Yates is directing from a script he co-wrote with MacDougall. I'm actually curious to see how HITMAN affects Olyphant's stardom. Does it not impact at all? Does it, along with his portrayal in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, launch him into a new category of action stars? If you've ever seen "Deadwood" (or even GO for that matter), you know Olyphant's more than capable, it's just whether he makes that crossover. I still haven't heard any advance word on HITMAN (increasingly odd seeing as how it releases in two weeks) but I'm cautiously optimistic. HIGH LIFE is currently filming in Canada.

Extra Tidbit: Olyphant is such a sports nut he still serves as the sports reporter and files daily updates for a LA-based radio station.
Source: Variety



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