On-set Justice League photo hints at Central City locale

The one thing the people seem to be talking about when it comes to JUSTICE LEAGUE is if it will/will not be like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN. But one thing I think will help people when the time comes to see it is that this indeed is not BVS, and will probably be in a lot of ways its own thing, and will have a lot more to offer in the way of really assembling the DCEU. In hopes you will keep that in your mind here is a new photo courtesy of The British Society of Cinematographers. The group shared the image on their Facebook of cinematographer Fabian Wagner on the set of the JUSTICE LEAGUE, and he just so happens to be filming on the outskirts of a certain city that’s home to a certain Speedy Gonzales:

Central City, as I’m sure many of you know, is home to the character known as The Flash, who in this movie is being played by Ezra Miller. The photo doesn’t do much in the way of massive reveals, as we already saw that Flash has a little one-on-one with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). Still, maybe it hints we will get to see more of the comic book city than just Wayne passing through for a chat, given how we will most likely be seeing more of the location in the future. I mean, why go through the trouble of making a whole sign and taking a census of a city to determine its population if you’re not gonna show the city.

We all want the big news around this movie to make itself known in every picture or quote, but sometimes little photos like this remind us that it’s great this movie is happening at all. It’s been going through stage of development hell for years, and this November we will finally get it. Lord knows if it will be good or not given the last two DCEU outings, but that trailer is enought to at least keep me excited. Who would've though The Flash and Aquaman could potentially steal the show from Batman?

The Justice League unites November 17.

Source: Facebook



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