Once director goes from music to horror for The Rafters

ONCE has been my favorite feel-good film for a while now, and it's a movie I recommend to almost anyone who, when they hear about my job, ask me what movies they should see. I have yet to come across anyone who doesn't like it, though this is the internet, so I'm about to be proven wrong in the comments I'm sure.

Anyway, the director of the film, John Carney, hasn't been up to much since, but now is gathering up an equally unknown cast for a new horror film called THE RAFTERS, a piece of concept art for it hangs above there. T

he story follows two backpackers in the Aran Islands who compete for the attention of a woman who is haunted by her past. Like, actually haunted. It's a ghost story, something we've been seeing more of lately with films like INSIDIOUS and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and I'm curious to see what Carney will do with his own tale here.

I'm sure this won't screen a terribly large amount of places at first, but if it gets buzz the way ONCE did, it very may well expand to a theater near you.

Extra Tidbit: I'm STILL listening to the ONCE soundtrack.
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