Oprah Winfrey to play Richard Pryor's brothel-running grandmother

Oprah Winfrey has always treated acting as a hobby more than a career, but since the end of her iconic talk show and the formation of her own cable network, Winfrey has found time to stretch her thespian muscles. After a substantial role in Lee Daniels' drama THE BUTLER and Ava DuVernay's upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr film SELMA, Winfrey is looking to make a very uncharacteristic appearance in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.

Reuniting with director Lee Daniels, Winfrey posted a photo of herself, Daniels, and star Mike Epps to announce the film was moving forward. Many wondered if Winfrey would appear in the film based on that image and now we know that she will have a significant role in the movie. Jennifer Pryor, widow to Richard Pryor, told TMZ that Winfrey will portray Marie Carter. Carter raised Pryor in Peoria, Illinois where she was the madam of a whorehouse. Carter was also abusive to the future comedy star and changed the path of his life forever.

Winfrey is a talented actress who has appeared in THE COLOR PURPLE and BELOVED and has been nominated for numerous awards. This could be a major opportunity for the media mogul to deliver a performance outside of her wheelhouse. Oscar loves a good supporting actress role so we could be dicussing this come awards season next year.

The Richard Pryor biopic is expected to begin production soon but no release date has been announced.

Source: TMZ



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