Optimus & Bumblebee are ready for war in new Last Knight poster

Next month will see the release of the fifth TRANSFORMERS movie, one that hopes to act as a new start for the series that will include more sequels and spinoffs. From the look of things the focus is being shifted onto the Autobots themselves and not so much the human characters, with further evidence available on the brand-spanking new poster for the film, featuring battle-ready Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. They're ready to throw, and yet us puny humans are still in our jammies.

Last we heard there were as many as 14 movies being planned after this soft reboot of the series, which will be Michael Bay's final outing behind the camera. After AGE OF EXTINCTION posted some of the worst reception (and worst domestic box office take) the series could use a refresher, and clearly that’s coming with a smaller emphasis on the humans, like Mark Wahlberg’s character. He’s not featured at all on any of the posters, which is a bold move on the promotion front. But you don't really need him when Bumblebee is there with his own Mjolnir.

TRANSFORMERS arrives June 23.

Source: Paramount



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