Orson Welles to get a documentary about his final years

Orson Welles is a fascinating and polarizing figure. While undeniably a genius, his brutish and demanding nature often alienated collaborators, and at one point led to an exile from Hollywood. A great prodigy - writing, starring, and directing CITIZEN KANE at only age 24 - his later years were beset by debt, projects falling through, and demeaning paycheck work (his last role was as a giant planet eating robot Unicron in the animated TRANSFORMERS movie).

So as Netflix gains the rights to finish one of his famously unfinished films,THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (a satire about a once great filmmaker trying to make a comeback), it is also producing a documentary about the last 15 years of Welles' life, to be directed by Morgan Neville (the Oscar-winning documentary 20 FEET FROM STARDOM). According to Deadline, the documentary will focus on "Welles’ complex relationship with Hollywood as he worked artistically with the constant nagging of making films commercial at the same time."

Honestly, this sounds great! Welles is an intriguing figure and legend, and with Neville directing the doc, I feel this has a chance to be something truly special. But what do you Schmoes think? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: CITIZEN KANE is indeed great, but Orson Welles' other films are all worth seeing for one reason or another.
Source: Deadline



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