Osama bin Laden manhunt film Code Name: Geronimo scores a first poster

Code Name Geronimo title

Technically this is the Brazilian poster for CODE NAME: GERONIMO, but it's the first piece of art I've seen and I can't imagine our own domestic art will be all that different. Not to mention the fact that the tagline is in English anyway.  

CODE NAME: GERONIMO, a competitor with Katherine Bigelow's ZERO DARK THIRTY for your "Osama bin Laden manhunt true story" dollars this fall, may be receiving a relatively swift push by distributors The Weinstein Company with an eye towards releasing some time in midddle or late October despite having received little-to-no promotion thus far.

The film stars Anson Mount ("Hell on Wheels"), William Fichtner, Freddy Rodriguez, Cam Gigandet (EASY A), Kathleen Robertson (HOLLYWOODLAND), and Robert Knepper (HITMAN, R.I.P.D.), and seeks to tell the story of Seal Team Six's hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Is there anything about the poster art shown below that attracts your attention, or does the tagline alone do the job? Or perhaps not even that? While more "generic military movie" than anything else, at least this poster looks like it took more than thirty seconds to make and won't leave you in the dark knowing zero about the film.

CNG poster article

Extra Tidbit: How many "hunt for Osama bin Laden" films do you think we'll be seeing in the coming years?
Source: Cine Marcado



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