Oscar 2017 Best Picture Trailer Compilation (video)

Unless you took an interest in the real-estate market for rocks, and have since moved-in under a boulder of your liking, you’d know the Oscars are this Sunday, and the star-studded ceremony could see well-earned trophies be given to movies like LA LA LAND, ZOOTOPIA, LA LA LAND, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, MOONLIGHT, and LA LA LAND.  Most of the nominated films for best picture are tremendous, worthy titles that stood out from the pack last year, but one aspect they all shared, and what set them down the path to the Oscars, was a great trailer. Epic, touching, intense or just darn likeable, all these movies’ trailers had that wow factor that made audiences say, “That’s gonna get nominated for best picture.” They were right, and we here at JoBlo have put all the best trailers these movies had to offer into one epic compilation. Enjoy, and be sure to enter our Oscar prediction contest for a chance to win cash money, and check out our list of the Top 5 Most Awfully Good Moments in Oscar History, AND stay tuned for our live chat on Oscar Sunday!

Source: JoBlo.com



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