Oscar Isaac to hunt Nazis for Chris Weitz in Operation Finale

Oscar Isaac Operation Finale

After Germany's defeat at the close of the second World War, many Nazis were able to escape justice by fleeing to other counties. One of the most prominent was Adolf Eichmann, a lieutenant colonel who was one of the organizers of the Holocaust. After moving to Argentina, Eichmann was pursued by Mossad, who were eager to bring one of the most hated Nazis to justice. According to Deadline, Oscar Isaac (STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI) is in final negotiations to star in OPERATION FINALE.

Directed by Chris Weitz, OPERATION FINALE will tell the story of a group of Israeli spies who work together to track down Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in the 1960's so that he can stand trial for war crimes in Israel. Oscar Isaac would star as "the determined and wily Peter Malkin, an Israeli Mossad, who holds a deep hatred for the Nazis after they murdered his sister and her children. He has a particular obsession for nailing Eichmann." Deadline states that the screenplay by Matthew Orton is said to be in the same vein as Ben Affleck's ARGO and Steven Spielberg's MUNICH. It's expected that production on OPERATION FINALE will kick off this fall in Argentina.

This won't be Oscar Isaac's first time taking part in a historical drama as he recently starred alongside Christian Bale in THE PROMISE, a Terry George film taking place during the Armenian genocide. As for his upcoming projects, Isaac will obviously be returning as Poe Dameron for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI on December 15, 2017, but he will also appear in Alex Garland's ANNIHILATION and George Clooney's SUBURBICON, both of which were shown off at CinemaCon.

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Extra Tidbit: Thomas Kretschmann, pictured in the header image, played Adolf Eichmann in 2007 in a film which was based on manuscripts of the interrogations of the infamous Nazi.
Source: Deadline



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