Our Favorite Movie Easter Eggs: Snakes on a Plane, Love Guru and more!

movie easter eggs

These days, part of the fun of watching a movie in theaters or at home with the ability to freeze frames, is finding the Easter eggs hidden within. For the history buffs out there, the origin of the cinematic Easter egg dates back to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Supposedly one day on the set, the cast decided to have a traditional Easter egg hunt, as you do, but some of the eggs were never found and actually appeared in frames of the movie! So if you're obsessed with finding hidden messages, jokes, and ways to make you look smart in front of your friends, check out these Easter eggs!

Understandably some of these have been around for a while, but some may be new to other readers; there’s no expiration date on sharing so enjoy and have fun!


SNAKES ON A PLANE - Probably works better than popcorn setting

snakes on a plane

Here is a funny moment that takes place during a cute little scene in SNAKES ON THE PLANE. Remember when that movie had everyone talking but no one buying a ticket? Sure you do. Well, in this scene Ken, the male flight attendant sticks a snake in the microwave to be rid of it. That wasn’t enough of course. The microwave has a "snake" setting which he uses to eventually blow up the poor snake who likely just wanted a ride to the jungle. Or something.

THE LOVE GURU - Remember when I was funny?

waynes world car scene

I have never watched this movie. I just wanted to make that very clear from the start. The look of this movie from the second I saw a trailer made me want to fall to the floor in a ball and forget everything I knew about movies. Luckily this movie didn’t do well and everyone took a steaming shit on it. If there was only one good thing to come out of this movie, it would be the egg and reference to WAYNE’S WORLD.

While Guru Pitka (Mike Myers) and Roanoke in a car (Romany Malco), the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen plays and Guru Pitka gives us a look. He’s breaking the fourth wall in such a meta way it’s painfully obvious and shameless, but admittedly a little cute.

ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE - One and done I always say

james bond

The James Bond series isn’t known for its continuity; it is however known for its wit and sexualisation. So it was interesting in the case of George Lazenby’s one and only appearance, ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE, to seem him  suggest a connection of sorts.

After beating up some henchmen on a beach to save a piece of ace (Diana Rigg) in the film’s opening sequence, the new 007 sees his potential love interest go speeding away in a car. This is an unusual turn of events for Bond; he then says to himself (and us) “This never happened to the other fellow,” making a reference to Sean Connery from the last films.


close encounters jaws music

Stever Spielberg's CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is one of my favorite alien stories. Mainly because the “aliens” involved didn’t want to hurt anyone, and really didn’t seem to care about us – which is probably true, get over yourself, Earth.

They did seem to enjoy contacting us and one might conclude they even liked our pop culturesince the aliens in the mothership are familiar with the musical score from JAWS, another Spielberg & John Williams collaboration. We see this during the movie’s finale where the humans are communicating with the mothership via lights and sounds, part of the medley the alien ship plays is a snippet of the Jaws soundtrack. They were also interested in Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss), who still looks a lot like his JAWS character Hooper.

Check it out at the 3:30 mark:


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