Paaaaarttyy! Wayne's World is returning to theaters next month

Time to get your Queen tape out of the garage, head down to your parents basement and party like there’s no tomorrow, because WAYNE’S WORLD is coming back to theaters! I know you’re excited, and you think you’re gonna hurl, but you need to calm down! If you spew then I’m gonna catch a whiff, and then it’ll set off a chain reaction!

Yes, the 90’s classic that launched the film career of Mike Myers (and to a criminally lesser extent, Dana Carvey) will be returning to select theaters in honor of its 25th anniversary next month on February 7 and 8. The movie will air in about 600 theaters across the country with a special introduction by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, which will include a videotaped interview with the director (Penelope Spheeris) and the cast.

But that’s not all, folks. Seeing as how the characters, Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Carvey), call Aurora, Illinois their home, the suburb will play host to a six-month-long anniversary even that will feature “a poster contest, a look-alike competition, an attempt to break the world record for head-banging (to “Bohemian Rhapsody” of course), an air guitar showdown and a few special screenings…”

Obviously anyone in the Aurora area will get the full blast of the hysteria, but folks who gets a chance to check out the movie in any of the theaters are some lucky ducks, too. The movie is one of the comedy greats, and one I have personally seen about 100 times. In fact, I could watch Myers in just about anything, but WAYNE’S has to be among his best (defeated only, perhaps, by AUSTIN POWERS). I’ll definitely check it out if it comes to a theater near me, because I like to do my partying in the cold dark of the movie theater. Excellent indeed.

Find out where you can see the flick here!



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