Pacific Rim takes weekend crown; Panther to pass Avengers as comic book king

By the end of this weekend, the box office will have two kings. One will be the new robot-monster-smash flick PACIFIC RIM UPRISING, which will take the top spot away from the five-week champ, BLACK PANTHER. The second will go to PANTHER, as the movie will officially take the throne away from THE AVENGERS to become the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time. Just let that last bit sink in for a minute. 

According to the current weekend projections, UPRISING will win the top spot with a decent $26 million total, which is down from the weekend total of the first PACIFIC RIM ($37 million). Though that may seem low for a movie of this size, Universal is playing the international game here, and the movie is doing major business overseas. The movie is set to make $120 million internationally this weekend, with $65 million coming from China, giving the movie a healthy opening in the ballpark of $150 million globally.

Now to BLACK PANTHER. We’ve been talking about this movie for six weeks, and even as it drops to number two it’s making massive leaps. It’s Friday total of $4 million brings it up to $618 million, with a weekend total of $16 million on the horizon. That means that even by Saturday, PANTHER will pass the $623 million total of THE AVENGERS to become the biggest comic book movie ever at the domestic box office with $630 million. This will place the movie in the number five slot, with JURASSIC WORLD, TITANIC, AVATAR and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ahead of it. At this rate, PANTHER hitting the number three spot is quite likely.

Coming in at number three is the Christian flick I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, which continues its surprising run with a $14 million second weekend, down from $17 million last weekend. At number four is animated movie SHERLOCK GNOMES with $12 million, which is better than a movie called SHERLOCK GNOMES should be able to do. Rounding out the top five is TOMB RAIDER, which is set to make about $9 million.

Even with UPRISING taking the top spot, the most impressive feat of the weekend is PANTHER hitting that massive milestone. As the movie opened big and continued to do well I still held out reservations the movie would pass AVENGERS. But as the movie trounced other anticipated movies like A WRINKLE IN TIME and TOMB RAIDER, I began to truly see the legs on this movie. Audiences cannot get enough, and now we have a new king of comic book movies. Bow down, subjects!

Source: Box Office



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