Pacino is Lear

After the debacle that was 88 MINUTES, Al Pacino needs to prove to us that he can indeed still act. If this next picture doesn't do it, nothing will. Pacino has just signed on to play one of the most iconic roles in the history of literature--King Lear. The epic Shakespeare play has been adapted for the big screen by Pacino's MERCHANT OF VENICE direcotr Michael Radford, who is also set to direct the film.

For all of you highschool dropouts, King Lear is the tragic tale of a monarch who splits his kingdom up among his trio of daughters. The two conniving daughters who flatter him end up getting everything, while the one who truly loves him is exiled. The King eventually loses everything. Pacino has some massive shoes to fill, as past King Lears include Sir Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles. According to Radford, Pacino has been offered the role of Lear many times but never felt ready. According to Radford "He's ready now." What else is there to say but: Bring it on, bitches.
Extra Tidbit: We now have our first Best Actor contender for 2010.
Source: Variety



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