Paddington is as adorable as ever in Paddington 2 trailer

If only we could live in a world where when you went to a Build a Bear store you saw they actually let you create a living, breathing teddy bear instead of discovering all they’re selling is stuffing and lies. The lovable Paddington is the closest we’ll come to knowing what it’s like to own an  actual teddy bear, and luckily it looks pretty damn cute, as evidenced in the trailer for the upcoming PADDINGTON 2. There are shifty people about and mystery afoot, but only one thing is for certain: Never let a bear wash your windows! What merry fun!

The first PADDINGTON was suitably adorable family entertainment that never tried to be anything but, fully capturing the essence and innocence of the books. The second one looks like it will be aiming to achieve the same goals, this time with added cast members Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson. We got Paddington (Ben Whishaw) riding a dog, so that's obviously amazing, and of course there will be all other sorts of comedic mishaps. A good bear-centric time at the cinema is what you can expct from this, and only the coldest of fiends can't find that at least somewhat enticing.

Catch PADDINGTON 2 in theaters November 10 in the UK and January 12 stateside.

Source: Heyday Films



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