Panic Room site opens

From the It's About Freaking Time news report comes word that the official website for David Fincher's PANIC ROOM has opened...a mere week before the movie's release on the 29th.  Now, I don't want to dog the folks at Sony - they're good people - but c'mon, this seems like a no-brainer.  Few directors have as strong an internet presence and fanbase than David Fincher.  Christ, FIGHT CLUB is like the net's bible.  A site for this film should've been online a long time ago with semi-regular updates keeping fans salivating and wanting more.  I suspect this was more of a technical issue than a marketing one, though I could be wrong. 

I have it on very good authority that a full site was to have opened after the Super Bowl so that people who saw the commercial could visit and see a fancy-pants site.  The design was reportedly to follow that of Jodie Foster's panic room control panel from the movie, with the different TV screens and what not.  Check the site out now.  Doesn't look like that at all.  Possibly there was a problem with the design of the site (couldn't get it done it time) and the idea was scrapped for a more scaled down version.  The site as it stands now won't win any awards for design or content but it does the trick.  Head over to www.sony.com/panicroom and check out stills from the movie, a screensaver, cast and crew info and a pretty cool "script to screen" feature that shows you how a scene progressed from the storyboards to the finished shot.  PANIC ROOM opens next Friday, March 29th.

Source: Sony
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