Paramount is developing multiple sequels and spin-offs to Transformers

Guess who may be getting the next cinematic universe? That's right! Paramount is currently preparing to launch their own multiple film franchise of TRANSFORMERS movies. While nothing is currently set, the studio is enlisting screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to head an initiative that would see multiple films to follow the awful, yet profitable, TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. Lest we forget the man who brought this scourge upon us, Deadline reports that Michael Bay is involved as well.

The plan, according to sources, would be to develop a writing team similar to what James Cameron did with AVATAR to execute a plan similar to what Disney is doing with STAR WARS. That means they want to find ways to branch TRANSFORMERS into multiple movie spin-offs as well as a multi-part sequel which Michael Bay may direct after he finishes his Benghazi drama 13 HOURS.

There is no indication that Akiva Goldsman will script a new TRANSFORMERS movie but rather preside over the group alongside Bay and producers Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The indication is this project is going to be a top priority which likely means we could be seeing one or more TRANSFORMERS movies a year beginning in 2017. Heaven help us all.

Source: Deadline



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